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Thank you for visiting. I started this blog to begin a conversation on how we can best address issues that are a concern for me and my family and, I am sure, yours too. Sooo, let me kick things off.

One issue for me is the lack of police presence in our neighborhood. With the recent rise in crime and protests in the Chicago area it is more important now then ever that we, as a community, ensure that we have sufficient and adequate police and fire protection. As you know police protection is provided by the DuPage County Sheriff (DCS for short, don’t feel like writing that out all the time). In my opinion this coverage is woefully inadequate. My fear is that the current unrest in Chicago will eventually spill out into the suburbs. When this happens DCS will be sorely lacking in enough resources to deal with the situation. DCS is already spread to thin. I heard that in one situation it took DCS 15 minutes to show up to a call. Fifteen minutes is a lifetime when my family is being threatened. Although DCS has increased is presence right after this incident you’ll notice that it’s seems to have gone back to the normal (they are hardly around). DCS addressed this issue by asking Hinsdale police to cover for them in the event of a emergency. What? Do you think Hinsdale police are going to respond to the residents of Hinsdale first or Golfview Hills in the event of a crisis?

Another issue I have a concern about is being redistricted out of Hinsdale Central. If you’ll recall the district last year redistricted a vast amount of Burr Ridge and Westmont homes out of Central and moved them to South. I don’t know about you but I don’t want my kids going to South. And you don’t want to know how much housing prices dropped when that happened. Can you imagine? Can it happen to Golfview Hills? Of course it can and probably will. In my opinion the district has no allegiance to Golfview Hills due to us being part of unincorporated DuPage County.

Taxes! Taxes! Taxes! Taxes are waaaay too high. Do you realize homes north of 55th street pay less in taxes on a square footage basis then we do? It’s true and in the next post I will provide some interesting numbers.

Finally: Apartments and section 8. Over the years Washington has expanded the use of Section 8 housing. Their intent is to bring Section 8 housing to all suburbs en massse. Will the Feds force Colonial Gardens (55th & Madison) to accept Section 8 housing? I am assuming that the apartment complex is also in unincorporated DuPage County and if they are then it is easier for the federal government to impose Section 8 housing upon that landlord because DuPage County receives considerable Fed money.

All good points right? Let’s get the conversation going!

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